Steve has hosted podcasts, webseries, comedy shows, panel discussions,

pretty much any live event where someone will hand him a microphone. He has conducted one-on-one interviews with icons, celebrities, comedians, athletes and experts of all kinds

On The Gamut, Steve sat down with Henry Winkler, Gilbert Gottfried, Cal Ripken, Nikki Glaser, Richard Kline, Dennis Dugan, Joe Namath, Apolo Ohno, Jay Duplass, Adam Carolla, Jim Norton, Emmitt Smith, Todd Glass and many, many more.

While writing for Men’s Health, Steve also hosted their weekly podcast where he sat down with athletes, experts, celebrities and MH editors.

Long Island Explained

with Chris Roach & Steve Belanger

A weekly show hosted by actor/comedian Chris Roach, an unapologetic Long Island native and Steve Belanger, a podcast vet who married into Long Island. Each week they picked one Long Island-specific topic to discuss in-depth as only they can. The Long Island theme was the hook, but the episodes were accessible to all.

Comedians on Football

Broadcast live every Tuesday night from the home of comedy on Long Island, Governors Comedy Club in Levittown, Comedians on Football was exactly what it sounds like - comedians sitting around reviewing the week in NFL Football. The action on the field, off the field, on the TV broadcasts and everything in between. They talked about fantasy football, the gambling lines, the Giants, the Jets, and every other team in the league. Not too nerdy or too fluffy - just a humorous, one-hour review of the football week that was and a preview of the weeks to come.