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Steve has written articles for several international publishers, including Time Inc. & Rodale Publishing. 

He was featured in this collection of essays by  Sellers Publishing.

Steve is a contributing editor to

Men's Health Magazine and the MH website.

Men's Health is the largest men's magazine in the world.

Steve is not even the third most popular person in his own house.

He has written a column called The Daddy Diaries for Style Cafe Moms Magazine.

Steve’s book, MY PENTHOUSE PAST, is about the eight wild years he spent working for Bob Guccione and Penthouse Magazine in the eighties and nineties. It is a humorous peek behind the scenes for any guy who ever hid a dirty magazine underneath his mattress as a kid or any woman who has ever wondered what the fuss was all about.

Steve is now blogging regularly for The Huffington Post.

He is a living example of their Third Metric philosophy - “ To redefine success and live the lives we want,

not just the lives we settle for.”

Steve’s latest project is a children's book for adults about that guy who never shuts up about his "AMAZING" workouts.

Steve’s one-man show won the award

for Best Comedic Script

at the 2015 United Solo Fest,

The World’s Largest Solo Theatre Festival