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After a sixteen-year, soul-crushing career as a corporate executive,

Steve Belanger found salvation, if not steady income,

in a life of writing and performing.

He has worked with Oscar-winners.

He has written countless scripts.

His work has appeared in several major magazines.

He has performed comedy on the country’s most celebrated stages.

He has also spent the majority of the last decade as a fantastic father and an extremely mediocre CrossFitter.

Steve splits his time between both coasts,

but lives mostly in Long Island, NY.

Steve received a Best Actor nomination at the Maverick Movie Awards for his performance as Hal Albee in the comedy feature Throws of Passion.

Steve hosted a webseries called

The Belanger Experiment for the Men’s Health website.

Steve appeared in the theatrical presentation of Thomas Flynn’s Bikeman, an acclaimed epic poem bringing its transcendent message to audiences just blocks from the 9/11 Memorial.

Steve’s one-man show won the award

for Best Comedic Script

at the 2015 United Solo Fest,

The World’s Largest Solo Theatre Festival

Steve’s appearance in Official Comedy’s

Millennials in the Workplace video

has over a million views on YouTube and has been featured in countless articles and news reports.

Steve’s two CrossFit humor books

are now for sale on Amazon.

Steve hosted a daily news webseries

satirizing the day’s headlines.

Click here to watch.